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Our school 

The Studio School is located in Basildon Town Centre, near St Martin's Square. We offer a range of courses for you to study, including GCSEs and BTECs for Year 10 or Post-16 students all of which are funded by the Department for Education - they are therefore totally free of charge to any UK or EU residents under the age of 19.

The pathway you study will be personalised and delivered in a way that inspires you, with a focus on developing specific and transferable skills through project-based learning.

What makes us different?

We're an excellently resourced mainstream school that prides itself on a personalised approach to meeting the needs of young people. We achieve our goal of delivering a highly effective learning and personal support package by ensuring that our cohort never grows beyond 200 students.

We also know that success is about more than just qualifications - it's about personal growth too! Alongside providing great learning opportunities, we take a unique approach to supporting the emotional wellbeing of the young people we work with.