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Vision & Values

At NCB Studio School, we celebrate the richness and diversity of each individual student. Students feel that they belong within the school community, are empathetic and tolerant to others irrespective of their ability, background or beliefs - reinforcing the caring and supportive environment of the school. A shared understanding of different cultures, ethnicities and needs is an essential part of the curriculum.

Our hope is that students feel proud to be associated with the school and are proud of the ethos of the school. We hope this vision enables them to achieve academically and behave in a socially acceptable way.  

Central to the ethos of the school is the idea of a rich and balanced educational environment - academically, vocationally, socially, morally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and environmentally.

Our goal is to raise aspirations, unlock students' potential and work towards achieving excellence through encouraging a 'can do' culture which nurtures confident and competent people. The School aims to develop informed and active learners with a strong sense of self-confidence who can explore questions, seek solutions, solve problems and are not afraid to fail initially, because from failure springs learning and success.

We believe that this goal can be achieved through high-quality facilities, outstanding staff, clear leadership, a positive, affirming environment, and a partnership between students, parents and the School. 

Our aim is for the partnership between the school and parents to be seamless, with parents and carers positively engaged in supporting all students within the school community, working in partnership with each other, establishing a rapport and an supporting an atmosphere of mutual support, honesty and trust. 

NCB Studio School strives to provide an enjoyable place of work for all and to encourage a ‘can do’ attitude amongst the students and staff. A huge emphasis is placed on personal support, teamwork and an acknowledgement that students should be proud of their individuality, and that it is safe for students to experiment and take calculated risks. Students adopt behaviours suitable for the workplace and take responsibility for monitoring their progress under the guidance of their Personal Coach, striving to be as successful as they can be in their qualifications.

The Studio School offers facilities of the highest standards and all staff perform to deliver outstanding provision to students. The quality of teaching at the school benefits from a common approach to ‘assessment for learning’ ensuring that students know what is expected of them and are set targets to do so and continually evaluate their progress. It is a priority for students to attain well in all curricular subjects and they notice a strong focus on the application of essential life skills of literacy, numeracy and the underpinning new technologies.

Students will learn how to celebrate and communicate success as well as to be resilient, particularly when they face setbacks or constructive criticism. Students will also have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and will have a unique insight into a wider range of careers through the employer engagement programme. They are expected to organise and be involved in public events and to take part in enrichment activities that help to develop teamwork, leadership and responsibility. Their maturity, independence and citizenship qualities will develop through the Studio School cross curricular projects and the programme of activities developing their CREATE skills.

Visitors will notice a celebration of students’ achievements, interesting displays and a productive working atmosphere, with high expectations for a culture of mutual respect.

Our central goal is to raise aspirations and unlock student’s potential so that they develop to become active and independent young people who have the confidence to make the most of the opportunities that are offered to them now and in the future.